Cancellations cannot be made once the order has been accepted by our restaurant. 

Once we accept your order, we begin preparing your food and arrange confirmation with a delivery service. As such, we cannot cancel the order once it has already been accepted.

Cancellation is permitted if no delivery service is available and we are unable to fulfill your order. From time to time delivery services may experience service issues and result in the inability to deliver your order. In these cases, you will not be charged, or if you are charged you will be refunded. We will contact you when these circumstances occur.


Refunds are accepted within the same business day and under the following circumstances:

  • Underprepared or otherwise improperly prepared food
  • Incorrect orders and order errors
  • Damage during delivery
  • Failure to deliver order

In the event of missing items, only missing items will be refunded, credited back to you, or sent out to you for delivery.

For refund inquiries, please be prepared to provide photo evidence as well as a photo of your receipt.

Cancellations and refunds orders paid by card will be refunded to the card. Orders paid by cash will be returned via bank transfer or cash in-store.

To make a cancellation or refund inquiry, please call 098-279-9236 or email luckypandath@gmail.com.

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