Our Story

Lazy Panda Founder

Founded in 2019 originally named “Lazy Panda”, Lucky Panda offers authentic American Chinese food from the center of Bangkok’s buzzing metropolis.

Lucky Panda was founded by James Au, after moving to Bangkok from the United States in 2017, and realizing that American Chinese food with fresh ingredients and hearty portion sizes was completely missing within Bangkok’s wide range of international eating options.

From this craving, Lucky Panda was born.

James grew up in America, in a family of restaurant owners. His parents, Peter and Lorna Au, owned Ah Sa Wan, a chain of Chinese restaurants in USA for over 30 years before selling the business and retiring.

Ah Sa Wan 1990

The spirit of that original restaurant lives on in Lucky Panda, which boasts the same original recipes from all the way back in 1990, updated with a modern appeal.

Today, Lucky Panda is eager to satisfy the same craving James experienced when he first arrived in Thailand. A real American Chinese food experience, based in tradition, proven in practice, and ready for you to enjoy.

We look forward to serving you.

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